Scenic Director & Designer

Scenic Director & Designer


**ONLY AVAILABLE in the Wichita, Kansas area**

-40 hours of Scenic Design

-Meet with Show Director for vision and collaboration

-Contact and collaborate with Choreographer, Costume Designer, Properties Manager, and Set Dressings Manager for continuity and responsibilities

-Research (script, video, images, time period, etc.)

-Design creation, approval, and editing

-Mid-show design modifications

-“Director On Call” during show week (for necessary modifications or oversights)

-90 hours of Scenic Director

-On location training of volunteers

-On location consultation of painting, fabrication of set pieces, set dressings, and construction in regards to the keeping with the design (Not responsible for leading construction, construction training, or safety within the workshop)

-On Stage final looks, touch-ups, and last minute oversights

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