"Fishing With Grandpa"

"Fishing With Grandpa"


*CURRENTLY ON DISPLAY* at TOR Brewing, Wichita, KS

Memories of a simpler time when it was just you, the fish, and Grandpa. Stories shared and the sweet, proud victory of the catch. This painting is reminiscent of a special moment in time…one of those many moments that make up a lifetime. We remember and celebrate those things that matter most, like time shared with those we love. Fishing with Grandpa is one such moment. Close your eyes. You can almost feel the breeze, hear the birds, touch the coolness of the water, and hear his voice once again.

10”x14” Watercolor

Watercolor Paper

Framed (10.5”x13” outer measurements)

When purchasing the “Original” this painting is a Certified Original painting by artist Karen E Smith and comes accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. 

When purchasing prints, you may request a Certificate of Authenticity for a minimal fee.

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