Ladybug Morning

Ladybug Morning



*CURRENTLY ON DISPLAY* at TOR Brewing, Wichita, KS

A gentle playmate when we are young, Ladybugs fill our world with good things. They are known as a farmer’s best friend, eliminating the most intrusive pests that would threaten their crops. Across cultures worldwide, ladybugs are seen as a symbols of luck, love, protection, healing, fertility, and prosperity. Another beautiful reference to the ladybug brings comfort in a time of sorrow. The Ladybug’s connection to immortality and the Soul, is a reminder that the soul’s life continues beyond death. It is marvelous how such a tiny creature can bring such joy and meaning to our lives.

5”x15” Watercolor

Watercolor Paper

Framed inside a Shadowbox (8.25”x20.25” outer measurements)

When purchasing the “Original” this painting is a Certified Original painting by artist Karen E Smith and comes accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

When purchasing prints, you may request a Certificate of Authenticity for a minimal fee.

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